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In a globalized world no business can face borders or any administrative obstacles on its way. Based in Azerbaijan - Gimex Company © is focused on supply and demand in commerce for and from Caspian Region. Caucasus is an attractive emerging market be in terms of import or as a base of export.

The experience of Gimex Company combined with a support of eminent vendors from Western Europe, Baltic Region, Middle East, Asia and Africa, empowers us to fulfil varied requirements of clients.

We deal with supplying the needs of the customers as well as exporting products from the region. We do strongly believe in the future of these following areas of the commerce:

Food & Beverage and convenience food products
Macarons, pasta and flour products
Dairy products, butter and cheese
Agricultural products
Fertilizers, consumable products and other agricultural industry supporting goods
Chemical products and catalysts

We believe that every client and its requirements are unique and in an effort to provide a more complete end to end service from the factory right through to final destination, Gimex Company offers flexible shipping solutions and affiliated with the world's largest logistics companies